• Cloud-sourced
  • Crowd-sourced
  • Web-sourced
  • Private Server-sourced
  • Aggregation
  • Visualization
  • Custom and Off The Shelf

  • One to one
  • One to many
  • Many to many
  • Ad hoc interaction and grouping

  • Person to person
  • Group and Crowd Cooperation
  • Sensor driven


The Internet was a game changer to be sure. Having it with you everywhere is another-and it may turn out to be even more profound!

Mobile technology enables every single person to be connected to the internet, 24/7 no matter where or what. And it enables us to be connected amongst ourselves, as we choose with tele-messaging and local RF interactivity tools like bluetooth.

Imagine, if you will, the incredible potential for amplifying our lives, the way we interact, how we plan, coordinate and do stuff and how we spend our alone time.

We take awesome graphics and powerful code development capabilities and stir them into great app ideas-apps that will make the things you do more productive, more interesting and more fun!

Data aggregation and visualization, productivity, planning, work and play, social engagement, these are our interest areas. Check us out in the lab!

During an early app idea brainstorm ideas flew fast and furious.  As the  only coder, one of our number declared, "...we haven't even started yet and we need more coders!".  To which another replied, "...well, you'll just have to try to keep up."

That's a feeling that we bring to work with us now-it's the motto on the virtual sign that we all touch on the way in the door.

As a technology area mobile is on a rapid evolutionary spiral with smartphones on the fastest trend of consumer acceptance in personal electronics since the transistor radio of the 1950s! Tablets are not far behind and the best uses of these new technologies, the services they enable, and in which combinations is still working itself out. We see that pretty much as a moving target, one that you'll drive with your mobile app needs, wants and desires.

We'll try to keep up!